Feb 26, 2007

Some of the many reasons I hate Walmart

They don't have the chili seasoning that I like….but Chappell's does!

Stupid people that park their carts in the MIDDLE of the isle.

Stupid people that park their cart on one side of the isle and then stand on the other side of the isle to get things off the shelf.

I automatically hate anyone that is in the coffee/bread isle and the shampoo isle.

If you have a child….do not let them run up and down the isle with your cart making racecar sounds. Kyle drives me crazy when he does that….and I don't take him by the bicycle isle anymore…..or the bouncy balls.

They don't have drawer-pulls or handles! I have found the one item that Wal-Mart doesn't carry…the guy actually told me to go to Lowes.

I totally hate people that don't stop at the end of the isle, but just pull out into on-coming cart traffic.

They are always out of original Beenie-Weenies….which Kyle loves. I throw-up in my mouth a little just putting them in my cart….YUCK!

To the crazy lady that was behind me in a blue Jeep while I was waiting for my kick-butt parking space……next time that I see you with your bug eyes and fried blonde hair yelling and honking at me to get out of your way….I will totally back into your car and scream "TTTAAAWWAANNDDDAAA!!!" I may not be older than you….but I do have more insurance.

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