Feb 2, 2007

Blogging 101

If there was a Blogging 101 class, the first writing exercise would be to make a "100 Things" list. Every blogger has to have one. So, since I have officially joined the blogging world, I've jotted down a few things about myself. So without further adieu, here are 100 things that you wish you would have never known about me:
1. I only drink Coke out of a can with a straw.
2. I love public radio…especially Prairie Home Companion and Whad'Ya Know
3. I once made myself sick from eating too many olives.
4. My driver's license picture is pretty cute.
5. I balance my checkbook everyday.
6. I will admit it, I am not perfect. My second toe is longer than my big toe. There, now the secret is out, are you happy?
7. My hair turned naturally curly when I became anemic in college. I also dropped down to 107 pounds, which is not good when you are 5'7". My mother thought that I was bulimic and had my roommate follow me to the bathroom to make sure I wasn't tossing my cookies.
8. I am really scared that I can't come up with 100 things about myself.
9. I have a younger brother. He is one of the funniest people that I know.
10. When I grew up, I wanted to either be Dolly Parton or one of Dean Martin's Gold Diggers. I am sure that this made my mother proud.
11. I love coats.
12. Video games give me motion sickness, but I rarely get sick in the car. And I love rollercoasters.
13. I have my own bowling ball and I know how to use it.
14. I don't have a birthmark.
15. I have too many sweaters.
16. During the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I worked in a photography studio. The photographer gave me all my senior pictures for free.
17. My parents collect Coca-Cola memorabilia and I grew up going to conventions every summer.
18. The first time that I flew in a plane, I was the pilot. I took off and I landed.
19. In an accident when I was younger, I completely ripped off my big toe nail.
20. July 21st, 2007, I will be standing in line at midnight to get the final Harry Potter book.
21. I love any kind of game. Board games, puzzles, card games, especially Spoons.
22. At last count, I think I have been to 33 states, Mexico and Canada.
23. My 30th birthday didn't bother me as much as I thought that it would.
24. I married my best friend.
25. I had my own phone line as a teenager.
26. Twins run in my family. My father's mother was a twin and my mother's aunt was a twin. Since I do not have children yet…this scares me.
27. I am a descendant of a pirate that was hung in Bermuda in 1610.
28. I got braces and glasses the same school year…I thought I would rather die.
29. I was homecoming queen.
30. I once ate so many crab legs that my father asked me NOT to go back to the buffet.
31. I had a pet turtle that died of a soft shell.
32. I dye my hair to cover the gray.
33. I love math. It is the same in any language.
34. As a child I was once lost in the basement of an Atlanta hotel during a fire alarm.
35. My first real kiss broke up with me because my dad was his math teacher and he was afraid of getting a bad grade.
36. I wasn't nervous on my wedding day.
37. I totally freaked out about a month before.
38. I used to sleep walk and actually locked myself out of a hotel room while sleepwalking.
39. I cannot sing. At all.
40. I miss traveling for business. Especially to New York City.
41. I almost have a complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes books.
42. I hate ketchup.
43. I can't do a cartwheel.
44. My mother taught kindergarten.
45. I gave my cousin chicken pox when she was 8 months pregnant. She still hasn't forgiven me for it.
46. I hate milk.
47. I was member of Girl Scout Brownie Troop #1075 and we made a kick-butt cookbook!
48. I hate my laugh.
49. I flew to New York City in October of 2001. I got a couple blocks away from Ground Zero, but decided not to go. The smell still haunts me.
50. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
51. Ancestors of my family lived in the town that I live in now. Their farm was right next to my husband's ancestor's farm in the 1860s. As a kicker, the house in which I met my husband is located on a piece of land that was his family's farm at that time.
52. I was once a ring girl at a boxing match.
53. I played the flute in middle school band.
54. I watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.
55. I am too scared to get a tattoo.
56. I hate heart-shaped things. Except for Valentine's Day Sweet-Tarts.
57. I have never tried any recreational drugs, even pot. I am a drug virgin.
58. I am ashamed of the way that I acted when I was younger.
59. That inspires me to be a better person.
60. I have a full-proof way to get rid of the hiccups.
61. A few years ago, I had a pre-cancerous growth that scared me. A lot.
62. Snow makes me miss my mother.
63. I love salt.
64. I once talked to Gene Simmons on the telephone, but didn't realize who I was talking to until I got off the phone and my boss told me.
65. I asked him who Gene Simmons was.
66. I am allergic to paper money. Really.
67. French fries dipped in mayonnaise are awesome.
68. Even though I was an event planner, I flipped out planning my own wedding.
69. I drove my friends home on my 21st birthday.
70. I apologize too much. Sorry.
71. My 2006 new years resolution was to be more of a bitch….umm…I mean stand up for myself more. I am doing a good job so far.
72. Prince was my favorite concert.
73. I have an obsession with Fiestaware.
74. Runny eggs disgust me.
75. I love talking to my mother on the phone.
76. When I was little, I had an imaginary dog named Barkley that lived in our downstairs bathroom.
77. I use exclamation points too much!!!!!!!!!!
78. I have stretch marks on my knees from when I grew too fast as a teenager.
79. I am a lightweight. After about a drink and a half I have a really good time.
80. I worked at The Limited for years, but I hate shopping for clothes.
81. I'd go crazy without Kyle.
82. I love old photographs and antique furniture.
83. I get homesick way too often.
84. I can't sleep in socks or with my head under the covers.
85. I take hot showers to the point that I run out of hot water.
86. This is probably the reason that I have really dry skin.
87. I still have my childhood teddy bear. His name is Fred and he sits on a shelf in my closet with my too many sweaters.
88. He has an oil stain over his left eye where I dropped him at a gas station in Arizona.
89. My parents are perfect.
90. In the first grade, my friends and I would mark on our hands with a green marker, then cover it with Elmer's glue and wait for it to dry. Then at recess, we would tear the glue off to reveal the green and pretend we were aliens from the television show V.
91. I didn't like hamburgers until I was a teenager and I tried one without ketchup.
92. Although I have my reservations, I am excited that Hillary is running for President.
93. I think that I will be a good parent.
94. I have been in a room with a ghost.
95. I am on a mission to own every color of Old Navy flip-flops.
96. I am proud of myself for moving to the city on my own.
97. I once killed an Aloe plant, which I thought was impossible.
98. I snore.
99. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it differently.
100. As long as I ended up where I am, right here, right now.

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