Feb 7, 2007

Ninja Karate Vampires

Thank you to Kyle's cousins and our nieces for giving me a gaming fix. As soon as Sunday dinner was over, there were these beautiful gals that forced me to play Spoons. They totally had to twist my arm.

This time we took Granny Garton's table cloth off the table, because we accidentally ripped a hole in it the last time that we played. For those of you that don't know, Spoons can get very violent. There is always at least one person with a puncture wound, gushing blood on the table. That just makes the spoons more slippery, which in turn makes the game more fun. The game is dangerous enough played with spoons, that is why it is not called Knives or Forks.

Sunday afternoon consisted of football, chicken wings and a very excitable six-year-old named Justin. Justin came with his parents to our annual Super Bowl gathering and he quickly turned into the life of the party. Hours of playing video games had warped his mind into thinking that he was an actual ninja karate vampire that could breathe fire. He killed me and drank my blood at least 600 times before half-time.

Although the highlight of the night was when we convinced him that he actually could breathe fire. At the exact time that he would hiss/growl/breath fire, my husband would turn up the gas on the fireplace for just a second. This AMAZED him and everyone in the room almost got a hernia from trying to choke back the laughter.

I hope that Justin comes to next year's Super Bowl party…I am going to teach that kid how to play Spoons.

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