Jul 11, 2007

Netflix and God

"I just drop this in the mail and they will send the next movie on our list, right? So what happens if the movie gets lost in the mail and it never gets returned?"

"Well, there is a claim form on the website and you just fill it out. I think that Netflix gives you the benefit of the doubt the first time or two. I don't think that they charge you for the movies unless it becomes out of control."

A mischeivious smile broadened across my husband's face.

"So what would happen if this movie got lost in my DVD collection?"

"Well, dear, then it becomes a moral issue. On your judgment day, do you really want to stand in front of God and have Him question why you stole that movie?"

"I really think that God would say, 'Man, that is a GREAT movie. I would have kept it too!'"

"You are going to burn in hell."

"Okay, I will send it back."