Jul 30, 2008

Muggle Movie Madness - Coming Soon!

It is no secret that I am a huge Potterphile. So today, when I saw this movie trailer, I got goosebumps.

Even though the movie isn't being released until November 21st, Emily and I have already set a date to go see the movie at the IMAX theatre in Opry Mills. This was one of my favorite books in the series and I can't wait to see the big-screen adaption! I am excited just thinking about it now!

I think that we should make it a group date.......is anyone else interested?

Jul 29, 2008

Mad About Mad Men

I have jumped on the bandwagon and have started watching Mad Men on AMC. Why did I not know about this television show until this weekend???? Thanks to Comcast On Demand, I am catching up on the first season and I am HOOKED!

It is set in an advertising agency in New York City in 1960 and follows Don Draper, one of the advertising executives. It kind of favors the Sopranos, but without the killing and swearing………but it still has lots of edge. Because it is set in 1960, the characters smoke cigarettes like freight trains and there is excessive alcohol use. There is extensive womanizing because sexual banter isn’t yet considered harassment. The dialog is dry, but hilarious!

This is one of my favorite scenes so far. Betty Draper, Don’s wife and classic mother/homemaker, is gossiping with her friend about a lady that has moved in down the street…….a divorced woman! GASP! What is going to happen to their property value!?!

Jul 18, 2008


Birddog's twenty year class reunion is in September..........two weeks before Babybird is due to arrive. Can you hear me groan? Not because of the reunion, I am really looking forward to meeting some of his high school buddies...........but because I will look like a beached whale by that time....if I make it that long. Everyone keeps laughing that his other classmates have kids graduating from high school this year or getting their drivers license.......but we are just starting our family!

One of his classmate has set up a website for reunion details and for people to get in touch. There have been several pictures posted and Birddog was thrilled that someone donated this picture. I absolutely love the "I am not a crook" pose and the bowl haircut that Granny Garton would give him. He thinks that the picture was taken in early junior high because his hair doesn't look like a Brillo pad yet........aaaahhh puberty, the wonders it brings!
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Jul 15, 2008

Afternoon With Cosmo

Saturday afternoon, after the baby shower, we ventured to my brother and sister-in-law's house. They think that we came over to spend time with them and to celebrate Clay's birthday......but we were really there to spend time with our favorite nephew, Cosmo!

He was as excited to see us too! Look at him smile!

He loves spending time with his Uncle Birddog!

Jul 14, 2008

Kentucky Baby Shower

The ladies at my Kentucky church threw a brunch and baby shower for me on Saturday morning. It was wonderful! The food was delicious and I got to see so many people that I don't get to see on my regular trips home. I got to hang out with ShortyMom for a few minutes while I ate, and I am kicking myself for not getting a picture with her.

Actually, the pictures above are the only pictures that I took. I was so busy opening gifts and eating that I forgot to grab my camera to take more pictures. Birddog took a few pictures, before he disappeared with my dad and brother....because men don't "do baby showers". That is the reason that you see a few prego-pictures of me.....none are flattering, but so many people have asked to see what I look like. I am apparently talking in every picture, because I am waiving my arms and my mouth is wide open in each one.

We received so many wonderful gifts. Babybird officially has more clothes than me.......and I used to work retail! A super-big thank you to all of the people that came to the shower and a super-duper big thank you to the ladies at church who did all the decorations.....and cooking! YUM!

Jul 10, 2008

The Poison Pastor

I know that I have blogged before about how much I have fallen in love with Cross Point. There are a million reasons that I would love for anyone to go with me………great messages, coffee and muffins, awesome worship services, wonderful people, coffee…..and muffins! You can feel the excitement of coming together to worship and it is amazing. The staff is super-friendly and approachable and there is a bottom rung. (Want to know what that means? Then go with me this week!)

There are lots of staffers at the church that blog and I enjoy reading several, but Pete is still one of my favorites. I just have to give a shout-out to two of his most recent posts.

In THIS POST, Pete gained huge kudos of respect from me. I have sometimes felt that there are so many ‘rungs’ between me and the person standing on the stage. In the current series, SYNC, Pete has talked about his struggles and with being ‘stalled’. I am thankful for his transparency and honesty on stage and in his blog. I think that it has helped me grow even more in my journey.

In his most recent post, he writes about going backstage to talk to C.C. Deville. That’s right…….you read that correctly. Pete rocked out with C.C. DeVille and got to talk to him about his personal journey with Christ. HOW COOL IS THAT???!!! For those that do not know who C.C. DeVille is, (Hi Mom!) he is the lead guitarist for Poison……..one of my favorite 80’s hair bands. I haven’t stopped singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in my head since I read the post. I am totally jealous and super excited for Pete…..what an exciting thing to do!

Do you want to know something else that rocks??? My 13 year old niece, Harley, and I are both being baptized this Sunday! We are super excited and would love for you to celebrate with us! Let me know if you are interested in coming with us! I am pretty sure that C.C. will not be there, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Jul 9, 2008

Cherry Oh!

Reason #1472 I know that I married into the right family:

Granny Garton and crew went to visit some relatives in Michigan not too long ago. When she mentioned that I had been craving cherries, Birddog's cousins jumped up and picked over 5 lbs from their tree in the back yard! I have craved cherries for months, but they have been $5.99/lb here, so I just couldn't bring myself to buy that many.

Needless to say, the cherries didn't last long at Casa De Garton. They were a little sour, but that didn't stop me!

Thank you to the Michigan crew for curbing a prego woman's cravings!

Pregnancy Update Week 28

July seems to be the “Month of Illness” in my family. Thank goodness everything has worked out for the better. Mysterious illnesses have solved themselves and surgeries have been resolved in positive outcomes. Amazingly enough, Birddog has not had any of the symptoms that other family members have had, but he has been dealing with a nasty bug that won’t seem to leave.

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything is just on cruise control. There has only been one day that I was uncomfortable and luckily it was July 4th, so I was off of work. Babybird decided to get in a position that felt like he was standing at full attention. I spent a lot of time lying down and he readjusted that night. The kid feels like he is playing the bongos on my bladder, but I guess that is to be expected. It is hard to believe that he is over two pounds now!

We had my 28 week check up this past Monday and everything looked good. Click here to find out what is going on in my belly. My doctor said that it was a ‘gold star pregnancy’. My health looks good, weight gain was spot on and everything looked perfect. The only thing odd is that I measured at 29 weeks instead of 28. It has been Birddog’s suspicion that my due date is late and this also reconfirms what my friend Betty told me about the old wives’ tale of feeling the baby move the first time.

An exciting thing about this trip to the doctor was that our niece, Haley, went along for the ride. She spent the night with us the night before and got to go to the doctor’s office with us. I had to drink an orange flavored drink for the glucose screening test and she kept giggling at the faces that I would make. I told her that it tastes like a really thick version of Tang……..and then I had to explain what Tang was….which made me feel old. The nurse let her use the microphone to find Babybird’s heartbeat. You could tell that she was kind of nervous at first, but as soon as she heard the woosh-woosh-woosh sound, her eyes got as big as quarters and she couldn’t stop smiling. It was really cute.

Now my appointments go from every four weeks to every two weeks. It is exciting to know that I am that far along in my pregnancy, but it seems to be flying by so quickly. I can see my belly move now and it is a little freaky, but really cool. I could watch it for hours.

I guess that should catch you up since I haven’t talked about Babybird in a while. Thanks for all the prayers for myself and family members! They are greatly appreciated!

Jul 8, 2008

They Must Be Excited To Be Grandparents

I need to send a thousand thank you notes to my parents. Since we were running out of time, they have driven the long trek to our house twice in the past week to help with Babybird’s room. They have helped move furniture, rip up old carpet, clean, paint…..and basically anything that we needed to have done. Dad put down hardwood flooring with Birddog's supervision while Mom and I rearranged a few things in the kitchen. We even got the crib put together on Saturday.

I simply cannot say ‘thank you’ enough. I am not sure what we would have done without them. Birddog still isn’t supposed to lift heavy things from his back surgery and I am in such a ‘delicate state’ that the grocery store bagger won’t let me carry my gallon of milk to the car. Everyone acts like I am going to break if I lift a finger. The only thing left to be done in the baby's room now is to paint the baseboards. This is a huge relief because my Kentucky baby shower is this weekend.

The ladies at my parent’s church are having a brunch for me on Saturday. How cool is that? I have never been to a baby shower brunch. I think that they are going to have coffee cake, fruit, muffins, quiche and all that yummy brunch-y food! I am looking forward to the food as much as the shower!

I am also super excited to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while. ShortyMom is coming and I haven’t seen her in a LONG time….I am so glad that we got back in contact through blogging. My friend Laura is going to make an appearance and we haven’t seen each other since she moved home from Nashville. I also can't wait to see all the family members that I haven't seen in a while.......and I am sure they can't wait to see me with a baby-bump.

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been on a mad dash to get the room ready before this weekend's shower. I hope to have some baby shower pictures up after this weekend!

Cosmo's Daddy turns 27!

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!
I hope that you have a wonderful day and I will see you this weekend!

Tiny Bundle

Welcome to the world Kathryn Anna!
Congratulations Mommy Maria and Daddy Milton!

(Watch out Baby Shelby, I think that you are in competition for PINK now!)
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