Nov 30, 2008

Puppy Hat

Ummm......EC didn't like his hat very much.

Nov 29, 2008

Waiting On A Bottle

He was so patient.....he is always good in the mornings waiting for mommy to make his bottle.
If anyone knows where I can get some more of these gowns in larger 6 or 9 month sizes......I would love to know. The Gerber 0-6 month sizes are too small and I can't seem to find any larger ones. Just call him a little piggy!

Nov 28, 2008

Deep Discussion

I am not sure if he was talking about religion, politics or diaper brands. Regardless, he was really telling me something.

Nov 26, 2008

I'm A Hoot!

Grammy and Granddaddy bought EC this really cute outfit! It really is true........he is a HOOT!

Nov 25, 2008


One of my favorite parts of the day.

Nov 24, 2008

Splish Splash

Somebody REALLY likes bath time and is learning to splash!

Nov 23, 2008

Love Overall

EC has been smiling for several weeks, but I think this might be the first semi-smile that I have caught on camera. Everytime the camera comes out, he gets extremely interested in the flash and "forgets" to smile.

Nov 22, 2008

Helping Mommy Clean the Kitchen

EC and I were having a really great conversation while I was washing bottles and cleaning the kitchen. Then he got really quiet........and started snoring.

Nov 15, 2008

Month Two

Dear EC,

Today you turn two months old. It is hard to believe that time has flown by this fast.

Two months ago yesterday, I forced your father to take me to the Mexican restaurant. I am not sure if the Chile Pobueno made me go into labor or if it was your father hitting every pot hole in the road on the way home. Regardless, it worked. Thank goodness! We were so excited and couldn’t wait for you to get here…….and my feet could not swell any bigger.

At four o’clock that morning, I awoke when my water broke. I was so excited that I couldn’t go back to sleep. I finished packing our bag for the hospital and pacing the floor until your father woke up. He was so ecstatic! Your NuNu rode to the hospital with me and helped me check in. By nine o’clock I was in a room and things were rolling. I called your Grammy and Granddaddy and they started the trip from Kentucky.

You were coming! I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be a mother. I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your little head. I wondered if you would look like me and hoped that you would have your father’s beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to hear your voice and whisper sweet I-love-yous in your ear.

Your father got to the hospital around ten o’clock and had called everyone to let them know that you were on your way into the world. Daddy BJ, Uncle Brad and Aunt Mimi stopped by because the just couldn’t wait! Grammy and Granddaddy arrived around noon and my labor was progressing well. The nurse said that she expected you to make your grand entrance around five o’clock.

Then something went wrong…….the little waves on the monitor disappeared. Your heartbeat was gone. The room flooded with nurses. They were pressing on my belly and rolling me back and forth. Nothing was working, so they had your Grammy sign paperwork for an emergency c-section. I must have said a million little prayers when they were taking me to the operating room.

When they were prepping me for surgery, they found your heartbeat again. It was going strong, but they decided to take you anyway. Your father came rushing in, wearing his scrubs just as the surgery started. He kissed my cheek and we exchanged “I love you”s ………and then, I heard you! I heard your little cry! You were perfect and wonderful and healthy.

I thank God for you every day. I thank Him for your ten little fingers and your big beautiful blue eyes. I am thankful for the curve of your ears and the little dimple in your chin. I thank Him for letting me be your mommy……..and I will try to be the best mommy a little boy could ask for.

I love you,

Nov 13, 2008


I love this outfit, but Birddog thinks that it looks like he is a jailbird.

My mother made the quilt that Babybird is laying on. It was her first attempt and I must say that she did an excellent job!

Nov 6, 2008

Nascar Kid

Great-Uncle Ronnie loves Babybird so much that he gave him this really cool Nascar outfit! Hhmmm......I wonder who his favorite driver is?

Nov 5, 2008

The Many Faces of a Seven Week Old

When he made the face in the big picture, I put down the camera and picked him up. He is already spoiled.

Nov 4, 2008


Birddog's mother is a real estate agent. When she came over this morning, she was telling Birddog about a new listing that she has.

Birddog's Mom: "I am listing a house for so-and-so today. It is the one that we used to live beside when you were younger."

Birddog: "Which one was that? The one on which side?"

Birddog's Mom: "It is the house that you shot the windows out of."

Birddog: "Oh! That one!"

I just shook my head. If paybacks are heck, raising Babybird is going to be a rollercoaster.

Halloween Pics

Nov 3, 2008

Old School

My college sorority is having a reunion this upcoming weekend. Yep, that's right, I was in a sorority. I am not going to attend, but it is so fun looking at all the old pictures that people are posting online. This is my "big sis" Maria, Scotch Tape and Matchbox Cars, my "grand big sis" Allison (in the wedding dress), and myself. Ironically, none of us remember our hair color being that way.

I am always amazed at how tall I am in pictures. I don't think of myself as a tall person, but I seem to be a giant in pictures. Are you ever surprised at how you look in pictures?

Nov 2, 2008

Bubble Beards

I ran across this picture on my cousin's Facebook page. Lily and Catherine are so silly! I bet that bubble-beards don't taste very good.........but they sure are cute!

Nov 1, 2008

Biker Dude

Happy Belated Birthday Reed!
You look like such a big boy riding your new bike!

What Do You Need To Say?

A couple of weeks ago, Pete had a great message that included the line "Who has God put into your life and what do you need to say to them?" That has really stuck with me over the past few if I give you a big ol' hug and tell you how much you mean to me, don't be surprised! Afterward, this video was shown........keep on the lookout for lots of Dickson folks!

'Say' Music Video from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.