Jun 26, 2008

The Only Two Friends I Have

Once upon a time, I was pretty computer savvy. I mean, I have a blog, so I can’t be that computer illiterate. I almost understand http formatting sometimes.

Although I jumped on the MySpace bandwagon a few years ago, I never joined the FaceBook community. FaceBook is apparently “THE” place to be according to my much younger, much cooler friends. Leave it to me to be behind the times in ‘cool’. Haley is still amazed that my cell phone will not download ringtones and doesn’t have a camera.

Anyway, I hopped on to FaceBook this week and I now have two friends! Count’em! TWO!

One friend is my brother, which shouldn’t really count because he is obligated to be my friend. It isn’t hard to be his friend…….check out the super-human-power of his puppy-dog-eyes over at Scotch Tape and Matchbox Cars. (My mother has apparently been telling stories again.)

My other ‘friend’ is Sarah, who has been dating my cousin Kurt for a few years. She is a sweet potato. I will never know how Kurt got it so good, but he better not let her go. If they ever break up, I am going to adopt her and she can just go to all the family functions with me.

I have wanted to blog their prom pictures for a while, simply because I LOVE HER DRESS! It makes me want to go out and buy Neapolitan ice cream. She simply looked beautiful and Kurt was pretty handsome himself!

Jun 25, 2008

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mash

Birddog's cousin was married last weekend in Ohio. We did not get to attend, but the wedding looks breathtaking....and from some of the pictures, it looks like the Mash brothers kept the day very entertaining. Welcome to the family, Olivia! You looked beautiful! (And Adam cleans up pretty well!)

Speaking of weddings, Clay and Lauren finally put their announcement in the paper. You can check it out over at Cosmos Crazy.

Jun 20, 2008

I Love The Whole World....and Sausage

I have a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. I LOVE COMMERCIALS. This is another reason that I consider myself a huge geek. The Super Bowl is like Christmas to me.

Whatever advertising company is doing the commercials for the Jimmy Dean Company is a marketing genius! No matter how busy he gets, Sun always starts out his day with a “happy breakfast”. Other cast members include Cloud (which likes cereal because it is cold and wet), Moon (who is just not feeling full), and Rainbow (who is on a diet and lost her color). After all "happiness is a warm meal." Hilarious! This is on of my favorite commercials from Jimmy Dean:

But by far, my favorite new commercial is by the Discovery Channel. It showcases some of the channel’s programming in such a beautiful way. I can’t seem to get the darn song out of my head. I know that it is a parody of an older song, but I can’t think of the original lyrics. Does anyone know?

Do you have a favorite commercial??? Or am I the only geek out there??

Jun 19, 2008

Baby Ticker!

new baby

Jun 5, 2008

Yanking His Chain

“Hey Birddog, I think that I heard my cell phone make a noise. Will you see who called?’

“123-8009 sent you a text message. It asks if you would like to get dinner Thursday or Friday night. Who is 123-8009?”

“Um, the number sounds familiar.”

“And why are they asking you to dinner and not including me????”

“Oh, that must be my baby’s daddy.”


*grin*.......and I think that I snorted trying to hold back the laughter.

(Thanks for inviting me to dinner Erin! I can’t wait to hang out with you!)

Jun 4, 2008

Positive Spin

Since I ranted and complained in my previous post, I thought that I would list 10 things that I am super-excited about. Here we go:

Penny is going to Bunco with me tonight. This will be her first night with the Bunco Babes and I really hope that she enjoys it. She is a game-player like me, so I am sure that she will have a blast!

Penny and her husband, Squirrel, took me out to the Mexican restaurant on Friday. Yummy to my tummy!!! Squirrel is an avid reader of this blog and if I don’t mention him at least every once in a while, he goes into convulsions. You can read about him here, here and even all the way back here. Everything that we talked about at dinner was ‘bloggable material’ in his opinion. He is too funny! I miss spending time with them.

Speaking of Mexican food……..Birddog is sick of it. In an effort to lovingly show support for his pregnant wife, he refused to go to the Mexican restaurant last weekend. He then OFFERED TO GO EAT CHINESE FOOD. This took our relationship to a whole new level……he was a self-proclaimed Chinese food hater. Then to my surprise, he wanted to go back the next night. Now, he cannot get enough sweet-n-sour chicken and wants to eat every meal with chopsticks.

Birddog’s back is getting better. He is walking without the use of a walker and gets around much better now. He can stand up and sit down without the need of a support. He is even going longer periods of time without wearing his back brace. He is still limited to only a few activities and can’t sit for long periods of time, but he is doing wonderful considering that he had surgery six weeks ago.

Birddog went with me to Babies R Us this weekend and we finished our baby registry. I feel a huge weight lifted off of my back. I picked out the softest bedding and now I cannot wait to get started on the nursery.

Birddog’s mother is coming over this weekend and we are going to get started cleaning the nursery. I cannot wait for it to be organized so that we can start painting. I am anxious to get things rolling now that we know we are having a BOY Babybird.

I am having dinner with my friend Erin later this week. I simply cannot wait to catch up with her since her semester is finished at Austin Peay. I can’t wait to relive some of my college days through her stories and I would especially like to hear the story pertaining to this picture:

The Mole started again on Monday. I am so addicted to horribly bad reality television. Since The Mole hasn’t been on for several years, I have missed it. The only bad thing is that Anderson Cooper is not the host anymore, since he has moved on to bigger and better things. Too bad……I have a little crush on him.

My plant is still alive! I haven’t killed it! If I can keep this plant alive for 6 months, then there is hope for Babybird!!! I still do not know the name of this plant and I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know what it is?

And last, but not least, I am excited that there is a new series starting at church this week. The series is called Sync and is about finding a spiritual connection with God through all the noise and distraction in our world. I am looking forward to unplugging from the world and learning more about my relationship with God. You can watch the video below or at the church website. Don’t forget to check out Pete’s blog too! If you are interested in going to Crosspoint this Sunday, just let me know! I would be tickled pink for you to go with me!

Cosmo's Crazy Gets Published!

Something about my brother makes the world revolve around him. People love him. He is so darn handsome and funny and a pleasure to be around. He can tell fart jokes that people actually laugh at……..he is that kind of guy. It also helps that he is married to the most-est perfect-est gal EVER and he has a pint-sized dog that thinks he is a cat.

So, it was no big surprise that his blog is already featured in a Paducah who’s-who to-do blog. iList is an entertainment blog about Paducah events done by Mary Thorsby and Cosmo's Crazy was a featured blog this week. It was super-cool of Mary to link to La Vida Ladybird too! Hello new Paducah readers!