Mar 5, 2007

Time Marches On

One of my favorite things about this time of year, other than the warmer weather, is the March flowers. They were popping up everywhere this weekend. Last week on my way to work I didn't see any, but today they were EVERYWHERE. There is even a business close to here that has HELLO SPRING written in daffodils on their front lawn. I smile every time that I see it.

I remember my cousin and I picking daffodils on my Mamaw's farm when we were little. We would gather as many as our little hands could hold and then take them inside, where she would put them in a large mason jar. The best ones were down the country road just a bit and back in an overgrown area of trees. That is where my great-grandparents house was at one time. I always thought that it was neat that they grew in two little rows, where a path used to be.

There is a wide open field close to my house that has a large perfectly square group of beautiful buttercups. Kyle said that there used to be a large farmhouse that used to sit there. One of his childhood friends lived there, but the house fell into disrepair and had to be torn down. There is no sign of that house now….but the little yellow flowers tell a story of the past.

Now I think about that house and my great-grandparents house every time that I see a patch of buttercups. When I see a group on the side of the road, I think is that where an old driveway used to be? Did someone grow up there? Did they pick daffodils to take to their grandmother? If they did, I hope that she put them in a mason jar……..March flowers shouldn't be displayed any other way.

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