Jul 14, 2008

Kentucky Baby Shower

The ladies at my Kentucky church threw a brunch and baby shower for me on Saturday morning. It was wonderful! The food was delicious and I got to see so many people that I don't get to see on my regular trips home. I got to hang out with ShortyMom for a few minutes while I ate, and I am kicking myself for not getting a picture with her.

Actually, the pictures above are the only pictures that I took. I was so busy opening gifts and eating that I forgot to grab my camera to take more pictures. Birddog took a few pictures, before he disappeared with my dad and brother....because men don't "do baby showers". That is the reason that you see a few prego-pictures of me.....none are flattering, but so many people have asked to see what I look like. I am apparently talking in every picture, because I am waiving my arms and my mouth is wide open in each one.

We received so many wonderful gifts. Babybird officially has more clothes than me.......and I used to work retail! A super-big thank you to all of the people that came to the shower and a super-duper big thank you to the ladies at church who did all the decorations.....and cooking! YUM!


brandiandboys said...

Babyshowers are the BEST! Glad you got some good stuff.

I'm from KY too, caldwell county. What part did you visit?

ShortyMom said...

It was so great to see you! I had meant to bring my camera, too, and in the midst of getting the kids out the door so that I could leave on time it got left behind. The decorations were beautiful and you looked wonderful! Can't wait for him to get here.