Jul 18, 2008


Birddog's twenty year class reunion is in September..........two weeks before Babybird is due to arrive. Can you hear me groan? Not because of the reunion, I am really looking forward to meeting some of his high school buddies...........but because I will look like a beached whale by that time....if I make it that long. Everyone keeps laughing that his other classmates have kids graduating from high school this year or getting their drivers license.......but we are just starting our family!

One of his classmate has set up a website for reunion details and for people to get in touch. There have been several pictures posted and Birddog was thrilled that someone donated this picture. I absolutely love the "I am not a crook" pose and the bowl haircut that Granny Garton would give him. He thinks that the picture was taken in early junior high because his hair doesn't look like a Brillo pad yet........aaaahhh puberty, the wonders it brings!
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Mary Beth said...

Eewwh, 20 years. Just think how different the comments will be, Birdog will be bouncing off the walls wanting to show everyone that he is fixing to be a dad and the others whose kids are graduating will be excited that the kids are going to college so they can have some peace and quiet. But remember you are only as old as you feel.

Anonymous said...

wow 20 years already yep my oldest will just be a junior in high school in sept 08 and i will be 40 when she graduates where does the time go?? but yall will have the best time watching him grow up and enjoy every moment ...I dont want mine to grow up and leave me nope i dont ...

oh tell kyle thanks for lettign me know of the reunion???? ask him if he can tell me about it or email me fallprincess38@yahoo.com
i would love to come home for it ..

love yall