Jul 9, 2008

Cherry Oh!

Reason #1472 I know that I married into the right family:

Granny Garton and crew went to visit some relatives in Michigan not too long ago. When she mentioned that I had been craving cherries, Birddog's cousins jumped up and picked over 5 lbs from their tree in the back yard! I have craved cherries for months, but they have been $5.99/lb here, so I just couldn't bring myself to buy that many.

Needless to say, the cherries didn't last long at Casa De Garton. They were a little sour, but that didn't stop me!

Thank you to the Michigan crew for curbing a prego woman's cravings!

1 comment:

erin :) said...

yummy!!!!!!! i fell into peer pressure and bought a bag at walmart yesterday, they are already gone.