Jun 4, 2008

Cosmo's Crazy Gets Published!

Something about my brother makes the world revolve around him. People love him. He is so darn handsome and funny and a pleasure to be around. He can tell fart jokes that people actually laugh at……..he is that kind of guy. It also helps that he is married to the most-est perfect-est gal EVER and he has a pint-sized dog that thinks he is a cat.

So, it was no big surprise that his blog is already featured in a Paducah who’s-who to-do blog. iList is an entertainment blog about Paducah events done by Mary Thorsby and Cosmo's Crazy was a featured blog this week. It was super-cool of Mary to link to La Vida Ladybird too! Hello new Paducah readers!

1 comment:

Mary Thorsby said...

Thanks Ladybird! I appreciate the shout-out!

Best, Mary