Jun 26, 2008

The Only Two Friends I Have

Once upon a time, I was pretty computer savvy. I mean, I have a blog, so I can’t be that computer illiterate. I almost understand http formatting sometimes.

Although I jumped on the MySpace bandwagon a few years ago, I never joined the FaceBook community. FaceBook is apparently “THE” place to be according to my much younger, much cooler friends. Leave it to me to be behind the times in ‘cool’. Haley is still amazed that my cell phone will not download ringtones and doesn’t have a camera.

Anyway, I hopped on to FaceBook this week and I now have two friends! Count’em! TWO!

One friend is my brother, which shouldn’t really count because he is obligated to be my friend. It isn’t hard to be his friend…….check out the super-human-power of his puppy-dog-eyes over at Scotch Tape and Matchbox Cars. (My mother has apparently been telling stories again.)

My other ‘friend’ is Sarah, who has been dating my cousin Kurt for a few years. She is a sweet potato. I will never know how Kurt got it so good, but he better not let her go. If they ever break up, I am going to adopt her and she can just go to all the family functions with me.

I have wanted to blog their prom pictures for a while, simply because I LOVE HER DRESS! It makes me want to go out and buy Neapolitan ice cream. She simply looked beautiful and Kurt was pretty handsome himself!

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brandiandboys said...

prom dresses sure have changed since I was a senior...not one piece of sequins on that dress! :)

I'm showing my age!