Jun 20, 2008

I Love The Whole World....and Sausage

I have a degree in advertising with a minor in marketing. I LOVE COMMERCIALS. This is another reason that I consider myself a huge geek. The Super Bowl is like Christmas to me.

Whatever advertising company is doing the commercials for the Jimmy Dean Company is a marketing genius! No matter how busy he gets, Sun always starts out his day with a “happy breakfast”. Other cast members include Cloud (which likes cereal because it is cold and wet), Moon (who is just not feeling full), and Rainbow (who is on a diet and lost her color). After all "happiness is a warm meal." Hilarious! This is on of my favorite commercials from Jimmy Dean:

But by far, my favorite new commercial is by the Discovery Channel. It showcases some of the channel’s programming in such a beautiful way. I can’t seem to get the darn song out of my head. I know that it is a parody of an older song, but I can’t think of the original lyrics. Does anyone know?

Do you have a favorite commercial??? Or am I the only geek out there??


Rachel Baby said...

I love the Jimmy Dean one!

You're not a geek - you just have an eye for that kind of stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a GEEK the Discovery Channel "I Love the Whole World" commercial MAKES ME CRY every time I see it...it is my FAVORITE commercial.

My kids crack up. They come running...change the channel...mom don't listen. It's like that song butterfly kisses...can't listen to even the first few words without crying. lol