Mar 27, 2008


I ventured to Kentucky this past weekend for the Easter holiday. I spent my weekend surrounded by family, eating my mother’s wonderful food and looking at lots of baby stuff. Lots of people rubbed my belly at church…..and I don’t even really have a belly yet.

We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat at our last doctor’s appointment. Everything sounded strong and healthy. I thought it sounded like The Little Engine That Could……just chugging along to the beat of its own drum. The heartbeat was “fast” according to the doctor, but she doesn’t believe in the theory of fast=girl and slow=boy. (Since we won’t find out the sex of the baby until May, I am sure there will be more to blog about there!)

In other baby news, it is about the size of a lemon now and has its own fingerprints. How weird is that???

A family member was taken from us abruptly this week. Sometimes things happen so fast that they are so hard to comprehend. Jacky Allen was a wonderful man and he will be missed dearly.

The March flowers have been out for weeks and they are still beautiful. I am so glad that Spring is finally here. I can’t wait for it to get just a little warmer. It seems like it has been such a long winter.

I am invited to a Tea Party this weekend……how much fun is that?!?! It is to raise money for Relay For Life and should be loads of fun. Does anyone want to put on a girly dress and hat and go with me?

After numerous MRIs and scans and other medical stuff I don’t understand, Birddog still had to have a painful procedure done this week to determine that he has back problems. The doctor injected dye into his spine with six-inch needles. The good news is that we know exactly what the problem is now. The bad news is the solution is back surgery.

March Madness has taken over our office again. Unfortunately, I am not fairing as well as I did last year. I have a feeling that my regime as the inaugural winner and current reigning champion is coming to a bitter end. Even though they totally messed up my brackets, I am proud that Western Kentucky is still hanging in there.

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ShortyMom said...

Glad to hear you made it home for Easter! Sorry I didn't get to see you, I was hoping to. The heartbeat wives tale proved wrong in at least one of mine, I don't remember the other two (and honestly don't remember which one was wrong.) Have fun at your tea party and I hope your hubby's surgery goes well!