Mar 13, 2008

I Hope I Can Afford Their Therapy

I have fallen deeply in love with a website. Etsy is a web market that focuses on handmade items. I guess that it could be labeled as an eBay craft fair. There are so many cool items for sale. Homemade prints, clothes, furniture, jewelry and the list goes on and on.

I have been having a blast looking in the children section. I have put a few pictures of some of my favorite items below. These items make me impatient for my kiddos teenage years when I get to pull out these pictures and embarrass them to their girl/boyfriend. I will savor that thought for years to come.


ShortyMom said...

Awwwwww too cute!!

ShortyMom said...

Oh yeah! Be sure to check out They have a store in MS when we go to visit in-laws with some really cute things in there.

Rachel Baby said...

how stinkin' cute!