Sep 5, 2007

Putting Myself Out There

I have been blogging for a little over eight months and I didn't realize how much fun this could be! But apparently I haven't been blogging enough! I constantly get messages and comments from people that say, "Where is a new blog????" THIS THRILLS ME! People are actually reading them and want more???

The funny thing is, I get so many hits on my blog, but only a very select group of people leave a comment. So here is your chance……..

Who is out there? If you read this, please leave a comment so I can see who my readers actually are. I am very curious!

How am I doing so far? If you read my first post, you will know that I am very insecure about writing.

How can I improve? I would love a little constructive criticism.

Also, is there a subject that you want me to blog about? Do you know a good "Heather story" that I haven't written about yet?

Is there a question that you want to ask? I am opening up the Q&A forum, which could be kinda scary and fun!

Any comment would be appreciated.....good or bad.

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