Aug 27, 2007

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Last week was rough on me to the point that I had a total and complete mental breakdown. Too many things had built up for way too long. To top things off, I was riding high on the estrogen train. I closed the door to my office and proceeded to flail into a sobbing heap on my desk.

I had enough. I didn't want to deal with the world or work or friends or relatives. All I wanted was a HOT shower, warm pajamas and my couch…..and maybe to watch Oprah. (This should tell you how bad things were, because I hate Oprah.) When my boss told me to take the afternoon off, I hit the door running.

I pulled myself together as the week progressed…….and then the bottom fell out on Saturday. Thank goodness this was the weekend that my fairy goddaughter was spending the night with me. Her giggle and smile were a much needed distraction.

Yesterday afternoon after I took Ava home, I fell on the couch in an emotional mess. My body ached and my eyes burned. All I wanted was to sit and feel sorry for myself, but my husband wouldn't let me pout for too long. He kicked into "girl-mode."

He sat beside me on the couch, held my feet, read me a book and babied the heck out of me. We watched my favorite television show and then he turned on Dirty Dancing and watched the whole darn movie without complaining!

Today at lunch, he met me at the house because he knew that I still wasn't feeling well. Told me to lie down, brought me a chicken sandwich, Coke and cold washcloth for my neck. He listened to me moan and groan……and I know that he will listen to the same stories tonight if I need to complain again.

I write some of the silly things that he says in my blogs, but the truth is, he keeps me laughing everyday…….no matter how bad my day is. He has a unique view of the world and I am glad that view includes me. I don't know what I would do without him.

He is my rock and my hope and my love.

* Please keep in mind that even some of my closest friends will not believe this blog. My husband is a rugged man that is usually covered in dirt and driving some kind of heavy machinery for the fun of it. He is not happy until his is covered in grease. He likes steak and potatoes. He cringes when I sing show tunes. He is hot-headed and leaves the toilet seat up for the fun of it. He uses double negatives on purpose to annoy me. I love him.

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