Sep 24, 2007

Small Revelations

When I turn onto Said Road, I feel home.

I love my brother and miss him desperately.

The speed limit in Kentucky has changed to 70 MPH. I discovered this 89 miles past the state line.

Nothing makes you feel better than crying to your mother.

I never thought that drinking beer and playing video games could be so much fun.

I am totally out of touch with music today. (Thanks to Gabe for playing Bel Biv DeVoe and to Brett for singing along with me.)

My dad is ideal.

I fall more in love with Lauren every time that I am around her. She is perfect for Clay. She is perfect for our family. She is just perfect.

I hate being away from my husband, even for one night.

Murray will never be the same.

No matter how much I have changed, some people will always see the "old me".

Terra and Nick never looked so happy.

No one can top my mother's turnip greens.

I would totally date Todd if I were a single gal. Not just because he said I was a hot married chick, but also because he owns a Wii.

I need to go home more.

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