Aug 17, 2007

Lucifer is My Neighbor

I have come to the realization that I am living in hell. Contrary to popular belief, this is not because I am in the midst of planning a yard sale, but because of the draught that has hit the Bible belt. Well, actually this heat wave is hitting below the Bible belt.

For the last couple of weeks, the temperature has skyrocketed into the triple digits in Tennessee. Yesterday the thermometer at the bank read 110 degrees, but I know that it had to be at least 172. I swear that I burned my hand on my steering wheel when I got in my car.

My air conditioner struggles to keep up after the "Curse of Caroline" hit it earlier this year. My plants scream for water, but the ground sucks up the water too quickly. The grass that we sewed in the front yard is starting to dry to the point that Kyle hasn't had to mow in weeks. I haven't seen him happier since I brought home the new cable box.

The heat hits you like a ton of bricks as soon as you open the door. By the time that I reach the steps on my front porch, I can feel my skin sizzle and my body start to melt. One of my fingers fell off yesterday.

The sun blares so much that I have to squint. My eyes just really don't enjoy the squint and the wrinkles around my eyes are far too progressed for my age.

But there is relief in sight! The weather man is forecasting a break to the heat wave next week……..when the high is only going to be 98!

I am really looking forward to February.

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