Aug 5, 2007

Some of the Many Reasons I Have Not Blogged

Picked four quarts of blackberries with my neighbor

Played with my fairy goddaughter until I was completely exausted. (She is Sweet Carolina's REAL goddaughter, I am just a godmother of the fairy kind.)

Finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ate all aforementioned blackberries

Cried for Harry Potter and his friends

Made fun of Sweet Carolina because she was crying while reading Harry Potter

Participated in a wonderful book club dinner. Thanks Penny, Molly, Erin, Jayme and Sweet Carolina. (Tobi and Em – we will have one for you soon!)

Successfully stated the word Horcruxs after two strawberry margaritas

Made two batches of salt pickles

Made myself sick by eating too many salt pickles

Cleaned out one of my closets

Officially decided that I have too many clothes and decided to have a yard sale

Went swimming with my nieces

Cancelled my Netflix account (Not because of Kyle's morals.)

Sung the ABCs to Ava too many times to count

Found some childhood friends on Myspace

Ate the best steak that I have ever eaten........grilled by my husband who is a culinary genius!

Missed my college roommate when she emailed me pictures of her new baby

Switched cable plans allowing my husband to fast forward through commercials and giving him access to the aviation channel. He has a glazed look in his eyes and hasn't slept for days.

Cut and blonded my hair

Accidentally ran into the corner of my desk and later that day bumped into a large popcorn machine, leaving two large bruises. Just call me Grace!

Sat on a boat with drink in hand and sang Tom Petty at the top of my lungs

Made a killer black bean salsa

Enjoyed several days at the pool floating with the Queen Pins

Watched several good movies…….including Stealing Home which is one of my all time favorites. (1988 Mark Harmon and Jody Foster)

I have just been too busy enjoying my summer. I promise to blog more in the fall!

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