Mar 25, 2007

Empty Spaces, High-Pitched Voices and Echos of My Past

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have built a beautiful speck house that has been on the market about a month. So with this big open area and hardwood floors….there could not have been a better place to throw a slumber party! There is nothing quite like the sound of fifteen shrilling little girls echo in a wide empty space. My hearing finally came back around three o'clock on Saturday afternoon.

Big kudos to my sister-in-law for keeping everyone entertained the entire time. Some of the many activities included decorating t-shirts, movies projected on the wall, charades, jump-roping contests, rain dances, singing karaoke at the top of our voices, multiple dance routines and, of course, SPOONS! I played truth-or-dare with some of the older girls and OBVIOUSLY CHOSE TRUTH, because those girls were VICIOUS with their dares. I wasn't about to lick anyone's foot or show the whole group my butt, so I had to tell about the first boy that I kissed.

Early in the evening everyone got their hair decorated with green, blue and pink hairspray, which left my fingernails permanently blue. I looked like a Smurf; everyone else looked like Rainbow Brite and smelled like Aqua Net.

As with any slumber party, there were hurt feelings because "She won't let me be part of her dance group." or "I didn't get in the cheerleading picture." For the most part, tears only lasted a few minutes and there wasn't any problem that couldn't be solved with a glow-in-the-dark bracelet.

Sleeping bags and air-mattresses filled up the floor early for some of the younger girls. All-in-all things settled down around midnight and I heard girls saying, "I can't BELIEVE that we stayed up this late!"

I think that Haley had a wonderful birthday party and I had a great time remembering all the silly stuff that I used to do when I was younger. But, believe me, I will never play truth-or-dare with them again!

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