Mar 21, 2007

Because When Sweet Carolina Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

"Well, I put a post on your page today."

"You did? What did you say?"

"I said that you haven't put up a blog post in a while. It is has been over a week. I am having withdrawals. Are you okay?"

I laughed. "Yes, I am fine. I just haven't had much to talk about."

Sweet Caroline usually gets her way. That is one of the qualities that I love about her. So, of course I have to put up another blog post just to please her. The thing is, I don't know what to write about. My life is kind of boring right now.

I am drowning in work, which is a good thing. The days go by quickly and I am learning new things every day. My office walls are still bare and boring, but I am so busy that I barely notice. I went picture shopping this weekend. After a trip to Target, Fred's, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, and Old Time Pottery, I still turned up empty handed. Maybe I am being too picky. Sweet Carolina and I are going to partake in the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, so maybe I will find something there….at least I will be able to get a polish sausage and maybe a new purse.

I am still addicted to American Idol. Kyle, Jake, Elwood and I watch every Tuesday and Wednesday night. Jake prefers Jordin, because they have names that start with the same letter. (He is learning to spell, but that is a whole other blog post.) Elwood is partial to Haley, because that is my niece's name and he plays with her all the time. Kyle loves Melinda Doolittle, not just because she is from Nashville, but because she has an awesome voice. As bad as I didn't like the little beat-boxing kid in the beginning, I am finding myself strangely attracted to him now. He is just cute…and he can sing, yeah that's right, he can sing. And I swear to all things holy that if that Sanjaya kid makes it one more round I will pull all of my hair out….strand by strand. Kyle is planning on holding a rally on the footsteps of our nation's capital to protest the show if Sanjaya makes the cut this week…and he says that people will listen because everyone knows who the Birddog is. JUST SAY NO TO SANJAYA!!!!

Okay, Carolina, there is your post! Are you happy now?

I promise to do better in the future. Stay tuned.

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