Feb 4, 2009

Good Times, Good Times

One of my neighbors growing up has been posting a lot of pictures on her Facebook page. There are lots of pics of kids from the neighborhood and I have laughed at all the wonderful pictures that she has posted. Here are a few of Clay and me.

This picture is of Lindsay’s birthday party and I guess that everyone is helping her unwrap her gifts. Notice my Kentucky Horse Park t-shirt. I think that I might have worn this shirt to shreds. I LOVED horses and never understood why my parents would never let me get one. We had plenty of room in our backyard and we just needed to put up a fence. A horse could easily sleep in our garage. Anyway, I had to settle for My Little Ponies instead.
This picture is of Clay and his friend Joe. I am not sure who the kid in the middle is….the face paint is throwing me off. I am not sure what they were doing, but it had to be a party of some sort, because face paint only came out for special occasions. I am not sure why Clay looks so smug…….I am sure that he was planning something sinister. Check out those curls.....I think EC is going to have Uncle Clay's hair.

Ahhh….Symsonia homecoming in the “big gym”. Clay looks so cute in his tux. That is when we went all out for homecoming. I do believe that this year’s theme was “Up Where We Belong” and there were a lot of balloons involved. I don’t remember the girls name standing with Clay. Was it Courtney? Anyway, the other guy in the tux is Ryan Reid and I think that I babysat him a few times. The girl in the green dress is Kelly Allred Hiles and I was tee-totally-head-over-heals in love with her brother, Kevin. I am sure that Kelly’s mom probably made her dress……she was a great seamstress. I still have a teddy bear that Kevin’s mom made me in the 4th grade when we were “going out”.

I am tickled that Raye Ann posted these pictures……and I am glad that she doesn’t have any pictures of me in those ‘tween’ years when I permed my hair!

Good times, good times.

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