Jan 30, 2009

Ice Storm Update

Lots of people have asked about Mom and Dad, so I will give you a little update.

Their power went out on Tuesday morning at 4 AM. It came on for about an hour that morning and has been out ever since. Power isn’t expected to be restored for at least another two to three weeks.

They have a gas fireplace in the den and are toasty warm, but don’t have any hot water.

They are eating like kings, since everything in the deep freezer is thawing. Steaks and hamburgers and lots of veggies. They have a gas grill that they can cook on. They got tired of tuna fish really quickly.

Almost all of the trees in the yard have lost limbs. Mom said there were so many limbs down in the front yard that they couldn’t see across the street. One large tree in the back yard has lost almost all of its limbs, leaving just the trunk. Luckily nothing has hit the house.

Dad took my cousin to Paducah yesterday and said that the roads were awful. One lane in most places just to get around trees and fallen power lines. Lots of power poles are down too.

Brian the Lurker works for Paducah Power. He had carpel tunnel surgery and isn’t supposed to work yet, but he is running dispatch and doing everything that he can to help. He foresees weeks and weeks of work. (Larry The Lurker’s power came back on at midnight last night…..so Catherine and Lily are enjoying staying with their grandparents right now!)

People are waiting in line for hours for tanks of gasoline to run their generators.

Walmart is open, but only allowing a limited amount of customers at a time. You can only pay with cash or check, since the lines are down to run credit machines. Kentucky Oaks Mall is open, but the stores are closed. They are letting people go to the mall as a warming shelter.

AT&T’s power is out and they are running on backup generators as well. All cell phone service is down and there are only a limited number of land lines. This is the reason that I can only get in touch with Mom randomly. I usually get an “All circuits are busy” recording.

Clay and Lauren took her mom and Nanny to St. Louis to stay with Aunt Debbie.

I keep begging Mom and Dad to come stay with us, but they are afraid to leave the gas fireplace on while they are gone for too long. If they turn the fireplace off, they run the risk of pipes busting. They are staying put for a while.

Keep sending lots of prayers their way. Things are going to get rough for the next couple of weeks. People at the utility departments have a rough road ahead of them. I pray for everyone’s safety! Remember if anyone needs a place to stay, hop on the road to Dickson!

Shortymom – check in with me! I am worried about you!

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ShortyMom said...

Sorry I'm so late checking in! We didn't have any power until Sunday and no cell phones until Friday. Hubby was so worried that he couldn't get in touch with us that he rolled into Nashville Thursday and told his dispatcher he was coming home for us. Internet came back today. Glad to hear your family is ok!