Feb 12, 2009

A Little Nutty

Usually in the mornings, EC and I plop down in the recliner for his morning bottle. Since he extremely interested in the bottle, I flip on the morning news and proceed to flip between the four Nashville stations. I try to catch the weather and a snippet of what the news is for the day.

This is about the only news that I get during the day. I hate hate hate watching the news. It does nothing but depress me. So a while back, I started watching mainly the morning shows. They are a little more upbeat. Birddog rarely watches the news at all. If it doesn’t have anything to do with airplanes or music, he flips the channel quickly.

Yesterday morning was the normal routine. We watched the news and, after EC’s bottle, I put him down to play with Mortimer while I got ready for work. Birddog groggily made his way into the living room and was watching the station on which I had left the television. He has been sick and hasn’t been sleeping well, so he hasn’t been a happy-camper in the mornings lately.

They were showing a news story about the current peanut butter salmonella outbreak. The story told of the multiple deaths that had happened and that yet another company was being investigated for their safety testing habits. They told the story of a young boy that was being treated that was on his 6th day in the hospital. He couldn’t stand to be touched and his mother stated that she couldn’t even stroke her son’s hair, because he was in so much pain. My heart poured out to that family.

(I could see this next part coming from a mile away.)

BD: Maybe I have Salmonella. That is why I haven’t been feeling well.

LB: But you haven’t eaten any peanut butter.

BD: Yes, I have! I have been eating peanut butter and crackers almost every day.

LB: But you have been eating the peanut butter out of the jar here, right? That is not the peanut butter that they are talking about.

BD: No! No! I have gotten a package of peanut butter and crackers at the store almost every time that I go out.

LB: Well, they have pulled the contaminated peanut butter products off the shelf, so I think that you will be okay.


LB: (After I stopped laughing) You know I am going to have to blog about this, right?

BD: I am glad my death by salmonella amuses you.

For more of Birddog’s hypochondriac tendenceys go HERE and check out a humorous story about his hair HERE.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha !!!!

kbreints said...

Very cute. "but my Hair hurts..." HAH!

Ladybird said...

To all of the people that actually read the comments....that "haha" was from Birddog. I am sure that it was sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Feather,
Did he ever get over that sickle cell anemia? (Or maybe it was the bubonic plague.) I think he's had every affliction known to man.

Brer Squirrel

Ladybird said...

Squirrel - I vaguely remember the anemia. After a while, all the illnesses just run together. I am expecting Rhubella anytime, b/c EC got shots and you know that threw the Birddog into shock.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

If jarred peanut butter ever became contaminated, it would be a death sentance for me. It is a staple produce here.

Anonymous said...

It will probably turn into a tumor.


Ladybird said...

Dude, it is not a tumor. Or a cyst. Or any other kind of growth.

Mary B said...

Great story. Poor birddog, has he eaten peanut butter since?