Feb 13, 2009

FF - Love, Look At The Two Of Us

This week was my first week to participate in Wordless Wednesday. It was so much fun, that I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing Flashback Friday! I know! It is like I am going CrAzy!

The thing is, I am not “flashing back” too many years on my first post. Part of this is because I don’t have a scanner and I only have access to so many digital pictures of past couple of years.

The other part is because this week is Valentine’s Day and the theme for Flashback Friday is Love, Look At The Two Of Us. What a better way to love on my hubby than to show a “flashback” picture of us in loooooove.
This picture was taken the day that we got engaged, May 1st, 2004. Actually, it was taken minutes after we got engaged. I think that he had just gotten off his knee. Notice that my face is pale white and his face is beet-red. I think we were both a little nervous!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Punkin’!
I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

Flashback Friday is the brainchild of Anne Glamore at My Tiny Kingdom. For more lovey posts go HERE.


kbreints said...

oh how cute!

anneglamore said...

He does look flushed! That's a wonderful picture. Thanks for joining in!!

Rebecca said...

What a great picture - I love that someone was their to capture your immediate reactions :)!

Happy V-day!

Anonymous said...

I love you Too!!!!

Happy V Day.


Marissa said...

What a cute picture. His face is still flushed.

Andi said...

How lovely. You both look so happy!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You two look good together. Thanks for stopping by.

catnip said...

You do both look a little shell-shocked! Very sweet.