Apr 8, 2008

Totally Kissable

This is Sawyer James. He is the youngest son of my friends Tara and Matt that live in Mississippi. I could kiss on his chubby little cheeks for hours.


Anonymous said...

His cheeks DO look like they have lip magnets in them!!! What a cutie-pie! > Tobi Lee

ShortyMom said...

Ohhh too cute!! What a doll!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to put his pics on here! He gets those chubby cheeks from his mother :)
Happy Late Anniversary! You'd think I could remember it since it's the day before ours but for some reason I always think it's on the 24th. Anyways, hope you're doing okay and taking it easy.

One more thing....I used to love Tater Day. The funnel cakes were the best! Your blog rocks!

Love ya'll~ Tara