Apr 9, 2008

Peer Pressure

I love it that several of my friends and family members mention my blog during conversations. It is nice to know that people are actually checking it out on a regular basis. This is proof that I haven’t scared you off on the first visit.

My younger brother has decided to join the blogging universe. Hop on over to Cosmo’s Crazy to see what is going on in his world. (He really needs to update though. hint hint)

Now my cousin "up north" is getting in on the action. Check out the musings of A Transplanted Life to see what is happening in the great state of Minnesota. (Where the introverts stare at their shoes, and the extroverts stare at yours. Sorry, that just slips out every time I say Minnesota.) She is wife to Alex and mother to Reed, which is alway a hoot to read about. My favorite Reed story thus far has been that he spells his name backwards with the "d" backwards......so it looks like beeR. Reed stories always keep me in stitches.

Now it is my turn to pester the rest of you guys. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, then I urge you to start your own! What are you waiting for??? It is a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. Plus, I would love to see some of your pictures and hear your stories. If you are afraid to type, then don’t type, just post some pictures of kids, grandkids, animals, ANYTHING! Start bringing your camera with you. You would be so surprised what you can snap a picture of during a regular day.

It is so easy and if I can do it, then anyone can do it. There are several blog programs out there, but I chose Blogger. Blogger is powered through Google and makes blogging easy. This website will walk you through all the steps of creating your own web log. There are even several templates to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about backgrounds or layouts. I use Picasa for most of my pictures and Analytics to see how people interact with my site. There are so many other programs and functions that I haven’t even tried yet!

Just give it a try! I can’t wait to see your blog!

(*cough*Uncle Larry*cough*cough*)


Molly said...

You are silly. Of course I've linked to your blog. I shouldn't, though, if you're going to make Minnesota jokes...

Molly said...

...and one other thing (I can't get all of my thoughts together at once). You never knew this because I didn't tell very many people, but I have had a blog for years and years (since before Alex and I married) and have a friends list on LiveJournal. It's more of a private musings/ramblings/rants/whines blog. I rarely unlock those entries for the world to see. I'm sure that I will filter what I say on this blog, though! I like Blogger's platform soooo much better.