Apr 7, 2008

Tea Time

April is a BIG month for Dickson County. Not only is the Cancer Auction on the radio every afternoon, but it seems like every Relay For Life team has an event planned.

I was invited to a Tea Party to benefit the Relay team for Granny Garton’s church. As you can see, a lot of the Garton girls got to party together. The food was fabulous, the speaker was wonderful and, most importantly, lots of money was raised for the American Cancer Society.

Remember to listen to the Cancer Auction on WDKN 1510AM every afternoon from 2-4pm. My company’s day to donate will be the 17th, but I am still not sure what I plan on taking. I got in a bidding war today over Em’s Chicken Noodle Casserole. I lost out in the end, but I did win her cookies!

It is awful hard being pregnant and listening to all the wonderful homemade confections that are auctioned every day. By the end of the broadcast, I am starving!

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