Nov 1, 2007

And The Saga Continues

I haven't blogged in a while. Here are a few of the things that are keeping me busy:

I was itching to get out of the house this weekend, so Birddog and I went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. We got a few big pumpkins and a dozen little ones, plus a couple of mums. The Fairy God-Daughter came over on Saturday night and helped us carve a jack-o-lantern. She had never done this before……..she really enjoyed drawing the face, but didn't want me to cut it. She helped me pull the guts out, but had to wipe her hands off with each scoop…….and cried when I lit the candle, because she didn't want me to light her pumpkin on fire. She was too cute!

I only had three trick-or-treaters, which was horribly disappointing. Haley was a pirate, Chandler was Superman and Ava was a duck. I packed their bags with candy, but still have a lot left over. I plan to push this off on my co-workers.

I am quitting a bad habit. I am finding this harder than what I expected. I am bitchy. I have yelled. So Birddog would tell you that everything is normal.

A new kitten appeared on our back porch. I tried to give it away at the yard sale, but Birddog was already attached. He hoarded the kitten and said that it was his……I could not give it away. The kitten's name was Forrest, until we found out that he was a she… now her name is Jen-naaaay. You have to say it the way that Forrest Gump said it or it just doesn't sound right. She is cute……gray with white socks and a white tuft on her chest. I have to say that I am growing fond of her too. We haven't fed her after midnight or gotten her wet…….so things are still going well.

I attended an Arbonne party only to discover that my skin is not important enough to spend $325 on improving. I will stick with my generic stuff. Thank you very much.

I had a mini-mental breakdown in a gas station. Thank goodness I had Tobi there to slap me and say to get over myself……..that is what friends do…….let you know that in the grand scheme of things, there is a reason why……..and they will help you solve it.

Em is cooking me dinner tonight, which I am extremely excited about. Birddog is not going to be able to go with me, but that is okay. Em is going to test out her lasagna made with goat cheese……so Birddog might have passed anyway. I am looking forward to girlfriend time. I need it. As a bonus, I get to play with Cookie.

Daylight Savings Time happens this weekend……..I hate that.

The Curse of Caroline has struck again…..I am pricing heating and air conditioning units, as ours has officially kicked the can. Sweet Carolina has called numerous times to apologize…… I will eternally blame this on her……but I love her anyway……as she is quitting the bad habit with me… we can be bitchy together.

I am headed home to Kentucky again this weekend. This time it is for a household shower for Clay and Lauren. It seems that I am headed home almost every other weekend until the end of the year. I didn't go home that much in college! Their wedding is December 8th and I am going crazy trying to find a dress. It is hard for a girl to find a dress when she doesn't like shopping. So, if anyone can find me a dressy-dress that says "sister of the groom", please let me know. I bought a beautiful dress but it is black…….and even though it is a night wedding and very elegant, I hate to be the family member that is wearing black. I would really like to find a green one…….does anyone want to go shopping????

And finally…..the news that most of you have been waiting to hear……..I started watching Gray's Anatomy. Penny brought me the first three seasons on DVD and I started watching them a couple of weeks ago. I had to re-watch some of them, because Birddog became addicted during the second season, so I had to watch the first season over with him. And okay…….you were right……..I like it. There, I said it…..are you happy? Birddog is addicted too, which makes it better……something to watch together. We have just finished the third season and I have to download the first two episodes of the fourth season off the internet. Other than that, I think that I have all the other episodes on my DVR…… don't tell me anything that happens in the fourth season. I really liked the first and second season…..but didn't like the third season as much. That is the horniest group of characters that I think I have ever watched.

I guess that I have rambled enough…..and caught you up on the happenings at Casa de Garton. What is happening in your neck of the woods?

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