Oct 23, 2007

Just Call Me Janet Jackson

There was a presentation at work last week. At the beginning, the speaker handed out promotional material about his company and products. He also gave each one of us a notebook……a college ruled notebook with the company name emblazed on the front. This may seem like a crappy gift to everyone else, but I was ecstatic!


I have not had a real notebook probably since I was in college. There is something refreshing about a new notebook. There are endless possibilities on those fresh clean pages. What will I write about? What pictures will be doodled? What phone numbers will be written? What notes will be jotted down? What lists will be made?

There will inevitably be lists. I am addicted to making lists. I make grocery lists and house cleaning lists. I make a list of things to accomplish each day at work. When I go on vacation or a business trip, I inventory every piece of clothing that will fit into my suitcase and carry-on baggage.

Why do I do this? I am not quite sure. I don't ever remember my mother doing this. I know that she made lists around the holidays, to organize her gifts, meals, cards, baking, etc…….all things that I find myself making lists for now.

Maybe it is because I am a control freak. Not really a freak, per se…….lets just say that I like to be organized. I like to be ahead of the game. I like to know where each penny goes and that everything in my house has a 'place'.

Okay……I am a control freak.

I hate notebooks.

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