Nov 12, 2007

Hissy Fit

I spent the majority of my Saturday night pouting. Ava didn’t want to have anything to do with me. She didn’t want to color. She didn’t want to take a shower. She didn’t even want to play. All she wanted was to snuggle with Birddog on the couch and read books. That is usually my job. I was green with envy, until she wanted to cuddle with me to go to sleep.

I did feel some guilty pleasure on Sunday when Tobi came to pick Ava up. Ava threw a hissy fit that could rival Varuka Salt. I was secretly thrilled. I loved it that she didn’t want to leave my house.....although the crocodile tears and death grip on my neck was heartbreaking.

I miss her already.


ShortyMom said...

It always leaves you feeling special when a child wants special time with you. She is definitely a cutie with those curls!

Tobi Lee said...

She missed you,too....all afternoon. I'm glad that she enjoys it at your house so much. I don't blame her at all for throwing a fit- I would too if I got to snuggle you and Birdog on the couch all night!