Jun 24, 2009

Too Tired To Play

Sometimes playing is such hard work that you just have to take a quick nap to get rejuvenated. Thank goodness EC had his soft, cushy glow-worm to lay his head on.


Mary B said...

Too cute, I feel this way many days now. I had a glo worm growing up to, how funny!!

ShortyMom said...

It's tough being little! Haven't ya heard?

Carolina said...

Bless his heart!

kbreints said...

That is what all that growing will do!! What a sweet capture!

Anonymous said...

Man I do love this little boy.

And you too Punkin!

Congrats on you new job and Im so happy that you like it there.

See you this evening.

Love You.

Brandi said...

That is too cute! We don't have many toys for our daughter...but a glow worm is something we should get!