Jun 18, 2009

Month Nine

Dear EC,

This week, you turned nine months old. You might ask what happened to your eight month letter. Well, let’s just way that it got lost in the shuffle. I totally blame this on my mommy-brain. I really believe people now when they say that having a baby sucks all of your brain cells out.

Craziness has ensued over these past two months. I won’t bore you with the details, but I had lots of extra time to spend with you. As a matter of fact, you were the only reason that I got out of bed some mornings. I can’t wait to run to your bed every morning and see your smile. It makes everything perfect and starts the day off better than sunshine and coffee.

Lately, you have been flipping over on your tummy when I go to get you out of bed. Yep! That is right, you are a flipping genius! Once you finally made up your mind, you decided that tummy time is not that bad. You still get frustrated, but mainly because you are trying to crawl. On the floor, you don’t move so well…..only about a foot or so. But you scoot all over my bed – and you are quick! Oh, if only our floor had pillow top padding…you would be everywhere!

You have really become a mover and a shaker in your walker too! You are getting good at turning and “driving”. The other morning you realized that the walker would go down the hallway! Holy smokes! This opened up a whole new world! Now you roll to the bathroom door to watch me get ready in the mornings. The heck with Handy Manny, the Mommy Make-Up Show is so much more entertaining.

The walker has opened up lots of new objects to you too. I know have to make sure that items on tables are not within your reach and you especially love to press buttons…….like on the cable box. The word “no” has become common and you don’t like it at all. You frown and then that little bottom lip puckers, but I can usually hand you another toy and all your problems are solved.

You have one new big toy! Daddy found a swing over at Nuna’s house and hung it in our backyard tree……….with 20 feet of rope! You can swing for hours on one push! You grin from ear to ear and giggle when you get close to Daddy. You squeal and giggle, and then slowly your eyes start to droop. Swinging always makes you sleepy.

Lots of other fun things happened this month……you ate a fly that buzzed in your mouth, you learned to wave bye-bye, you can wave and say “heeeeyyy” and you blow razzzzzberries constantly. You are picking up “puffs” with your fingers instead of your whole fist and you have mastered the sippy cup. Plus, you want a bite of whatever we are eating. You open your mouth like a baby bird if anyone is close to you holding a cup or bowl.

You have spent the last four days in Kentucky with your Grammy and Granddaddy. They are bringing you home today and I cannot wait to run home to you this afternoon and get my kisses. Our house has been so quiet without your babble. I already dread the day that you move out on your own. The way that time is flying, that day is going to come too quickly.

I love you always,

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