Jun 21, 2009

Mommy Said No

First time, Mommy says "No, don't touch the cable box."
Second time, Mommy reminds you not to touch.
Third time, Mommy takes your hand away from the cable box.
Fourth time, Mommy takes your hand away and give it a tinsy, tinsy, itty-bity pat.
Then this happens:
Can't you just see the "You don't love me" look in his eye??
Some people may feel sorry for him. I, on the other hand, thought that the pout was hilarious and couldn't grab my camera quick enough.
As a side note, thank you to EC's Aunt Mimi for letting him borrow this cool little walker. He has been cruising like a pro in it.


ShortyMom said...

As pitiful as that little pout is, I find it hilarious! I love it when they pout like that and then cry like you took their favorite toy away...all because of a two letter word. No. Classic!

Tammy Fossie said...

Just love it when i have time to cruise by your blog, (yup, i am a lurker)...this is the only time i have to catch up on EC, whom i still have not had the pleasure of meeting. He will be a year old in a few months and i am totally ashamed! I think it's time the Gartons and Fossie's get together for a grilling and chilling! Miss you guys!

kbreints said...

oh dear. He has the Pout down! I am a run and get my camera girl too :)

Anonymous said...

_ Tobi lee

Brandi said...

You must be a mean mean mommy to get such a look! :)