Jun 23, 2009

Just A Swingin'

These are pictures from EC's first ride in the swing that Daddy put up for him.
Did I mention that the swing rope was reeeeallly long?
It was a little chilly that afternoon, so we had him bundled up. Unfortunately, this past week has been a scorcher and it has been too hot to swing. Summer officially arrived yesterday with a BANG! Heat indexes of over a hundred degrees! More swing pictures to come when our skin doesn't melt when we walk outside.


kbreints said...

oh fun! We had one like that on a REALLY LONG ROPE... the boys Loved it!

Brandi said...

That swing looks like fun! Which state do you live in that the summertime just got to you? We live in Wyoming and it June was cold and rainy but July oh man, it has been so darn hot outside!