Mar 13, 2009

FF- Go Rough Riders!

Once again it is time for Flashback Friday! Woo Hoo!

My mother’s friend Connie has been posting some wonderful pictures from back-in-the-day. Last week, I was tickled when she posted this one:
This was our cheerleading picture from good ol’ Symsonia Elementary School. I believe that this might have been my only year in cheerleading. (Mom, did I cheer for more than one year?) Anyway, I had a very short lived cheerleading career, because I lack coordination and/or any athletic ability.

I think that I am the one on the back row, third from the right. Yep, that is me….the one that can’t hold her elbow out the correct way. I am uncoordinated even in the cheerleading picture.

I am pretty sure that I was in 5th grade for a few reasons:

First, this was before junior high, because anyone that wanted to be a cheerleader could be a cheerleader… matter how awful you were. Did I ever mention that I still cannot do a cartwheel? Plus, there is one girl in the picture that is older than me, so that means that I could not be in 6th grade, because junior high was considered to be 7th and 8th grades.

Second, I have that horrendous hair cut. Through 4th grade, I had awesome hair. But everyone was cutting their hair and getting perms. I remember begging my mother to get a perm and when I finally did……I hated it. My brother called me a poodle on the way home from the salon and I tried not to cry. I remember taking a yearbook to the hairdresser and pointing out a girls hair that I looooved. In the end, I looked NOTHING like her. I debated washing it out, but my mother had spent so much money on it that I didn’t have the heart to do it. When I went back to school in 5th grade, I remember a boy being shocked and asking me what I had done to my hair. (Within the year, I also got braces and glasses and I thought that my world was coming to an end.)

The pom-poms in front were the ‘good pom-poms’. They were HUGE and had clear plastic rings for the handles. I remember that you had to scrunch the plastic strips to make them bigger. I coveted those pom-poms. The ones that I had from Wal-mart were only one color, had white plastic stick handles and were about a quarter of the size of the perfect poms.

The picture was taken in the “little gym” which was the original gym in the school. There was a stage at one end where the guys in my class auctioned off their legs. A bigger gym was built on years later. The school is where my parents graduated from high school, but when the county high schools consolidated when I was in 5th grade, this became my junior high. This must have been the first year for Symsonia Jr. High School. The school was torn down a few years ago and it still looks strange driving by the new construction.

Oh, such fun memories! Goooooooooo Rough Riders! Go Big Red!
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ShortyMom said...

Your picture isn't showing up. I saw it earlier in the week on Facebook and it's definitely not from fourth grade. I cheered fourth grade and it was the only year I cheered too. Surprise, surprise I hated being in front of people...

Ladybird said...

Ok, I think that I fixed the picture now. It is not the way that I wanted it, but my Picasa is not working with me today. You can't click and blow it up, but at least you can see the picture.

Shortymom - At least you can do a cartwheel! :)

ShortyMom said...

Used to be able too lol! The last time I tried one to show Belle I pulled something in my side. Haven't tried one since.

kbreints said...

So fun! I will have to participate in the flashback fun soon!

Jessica said...

Holy crap! Look at my hair! I think it was 5th grade b/c I think I see some of the younger girls in there.

Jessica said...

Ok... after zooming in on that on fb, I realized that I am not in this pic. Where was I? Do you ever talk to Amanda King or Melissa Lantrip?

Ladybird said...

Jessica - I wondered the same thing. You and Jennifer aren't in here and I expected to see you. Rachel Cornwells hair is hilarious! On FB, she said that she was in a rock band! LOL! Melissa came over to visit me before my baby shower. She is married, her last name is Wallace now and still lives on Cedar Lane across from the school. She has a ... Read Morestep-daughter that is just like her! LOL! I see Amanda from time to time at church if I go with Mom & Dad. Amanda is married to Tim Jameson (remember him from Clarks River?) and has a little boy that is about 5 years old.

Heather said...

LOL good ole days!!! I miss that school. I loved cheering(I did marry a cheerleader haha)and was hurt when I couldn't do it in HS. It would have been fun since my couch would have been Mrs.Whitis who is related to me lol. Oh well. I fell in love w/Drama lol.

Where does time go???

Fiona said...

I love it... lots of friends have been posting pics from the old days on facebook... love the memories!