Mar 5, 2009

First Drum Session - Video Edition

A couple of weeks ago, I posted these pictures. Birddog had been playing with his drums and EC simply could not get enough. EC was wide-eyed and so excited every time that Birddog would start playing. So, Birddog grabbed him and thought they would have their first lesson. Here is a little video of the action:

As you can tell, EC is still teething and is more interested in eating the drumstick than holding it.

None the less, I do think that he has his father’s music gene. He loves it when any music comes on the radio or television. He loves it when Birddog plays the guitar or sings to him. Birddog will sing a note and EC sings it back to him…..they can go back and forth like that for hours!

Since I have no rhythm and I am tone-deaf, I do hope that EC picks up Birddog's musical abilities, but Lord please be with me if I have another drummer on my hands!


ShortyMom said...

That's too funny! The mouth was already open before he had it in his hands...he was ready! You're gonna have to come for another visit so I can eat him up!

Courtney said...

so adorable. unfortunately, with my dumb laptop I could only very a short part of the video!

Anonymous said...

That's my Boy!!!

Love You Both.