Mar 16, 2009

Month Six

Dear EC,

Yesterday you had your very first half-birthday. For six whole months, you have brightened our lives. SIX! WHOLE! MONTHS! How crazy time flies! Before we know it, I will be telling you to drive safely and wear your seatbelt.

This month was not as milestone-breaking as last month, but it seems like you grew more into a baby instead of an infant. You even switched to a pull-up diaper this month! Ok, really Nuna ran out of your sized diapers and used your cousin Shaylee’s princess pull-up until she could get more of your sized diapers. I didn’t see you in it, but I am sure that it was hilarious. No offence kid, but we make you wear silly things all the time just for laughs. You have a dinosaur Mohawk hat that is too funny.

You are sitting up so well now. You are a little wobbly, but I think it is because of the massive brain in your head. Your balance has improved to the point that you want to sit up all the time. The heck with lying down! (I have come to terms with your not rolling over anymore.) You enjoy sitting and playing with toys on your blanket, but someone has to sit behind you in case you get too excited and fling yourself backwards.

Sitting up like a big boy! Your beer-belly helps you balance.

One of the things that you think is so much fun is feeling of Daddy’s hair. It is so prickly that you giggle when he rubs it on your belly. You run your hands over his head and to the whiskers on his chin. Not too long ago, you felt of my cheek and had this crazy look on your face like, “What happened to the funny feeling stuff??”
Rubbing Daddy's head is a pre-bath ritual. It is kind of like rubbing a Budha belly.

We have dealt with a long running bout of sickness at Casa de Garton this month. We kept passing around the same little cold that just wouldn’t go away. Your little cough subsided some, but never fully disappeared. Then last Sunday, it seemed worse. You acted like you just didn’t feel good and wanted to snuggle more. When I took you to the doctor’s office, you were so excited to play with the paper on the examination table that I was sure that the doctor would say that you were fine. Then you were diagnosed with your first ear infection. My heart broke for you. It was hard to know that my little punkin’ baby was really sick. You got a round of antibiotics that tastes like bubble gum….and you would chug the whole bottle if I let you.

You like to cuddle when you don't feel well, even if it is with a GlowWorm.

What makes any baby feel better? Grandparents! Since Miss Tracy, your babysitter, was off on vacation, Grammy and Granddaddy swept you off to Kentucky last week. They came down to get you on Wednesday morning and high-tailed it back to Symsonia as fast as they could. I think that they thought I would change my mind about you going! So last Thursday was officially my first day without you. I was a little sad, but it made me feel better to know that you were really enjoying yourself. I know, because I called to check on you at least five times a day!

Apparently you missed us too. Anytime that Grammy would hold the phone up to your ear for you to hear my voice, you would perk up and try to look into the phone. One time when the house was too quiet, she turned on the radio. The song that was playing had a lot of guitar and Grammy said you were looking around frantically trying to find Daddy.

You got to see lots of people in Kentucky. You played with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Clay the first night. Aunt Lauren gave you your bath and Grammy taught you how to splash with your legs. On Thursday, you got to play with Kayla and the two old crows, Uncle Larry and Aunt Sandy, during the day. Debbie, Brian and Kyle came to visit that night. During your bath, you pee-ed on Debbie three times. (Daddy was really proud of you!) Great-Aunt Shirley loved on you all day on Friday and then I stole the rest of your sugars when I got there that night. Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Kay visited on Saturday morning before we headed back to Tennessee.

You were spoiled beyond belief in Kentucky. The smile couldn't be wiped off your face!

Your trip to Kentucky was much easier than I expected. They didn’t shake you and you didn’t have any bruises, so I guess you can go back to stay with them again. Just kidding….but it is awful hard to live up to your expectations after you have spent a couple days with all that attention.

There are so many little things that you are learning every day that if I continue to write about, I will have written a novel. Stuff like you trying to whistle like Grammy or how you flirt with girls or how you puckered you lips when I was blowing you kisses or squealing at Daddy when you are practicing for American Idol. I could write an encyclopedia on the funny things that you do in the bathtub. Then, there are the little things like your infatuation with feet, anybody’s feet; although you are so fat that you can’t get your own feet into your mouth. Your two favorite loves are feet and being naked. I pray that you don’t grow up to be a nudist with a foot fetish.

Oh EC, you light up my world with your little two-tooth smile! It is crazy how my heart has doubled in size since you arrived half a year ago. You are the pride and joy of Daddy and me. We love you to the moon and back!

I love you,
PS - You weigh 18 lbs now!


ShortyMom said...

Oh my gosh! What happened to that sweet, little bitty thing? He's getting too big, already sitting up. Oh how I miss my babies...

kbreints said...

AWE!! So sweet!!

Rebecca said...

What a sweet post for your little one...he will so enjoy reading that when he's all grown up!

I love your mix of humor and serious - it's perfect!

Joe said...

These things should come with a warning! I cry every time I read them. He's beautiful.