Jan 15, 2009

Month Four

Dear EC,

Today you turn four months old. It is hard to believe that one year ago this week, we found out that you were on your way. You were the answer to so many prayers and what a blessing you have been since you arrived!

This month, you survived your first Christmas. I have to say that you fared much better than me. You were the perfect little guy, no matter how tired you were. Lots of friends and family smothered you with kisses and wonderful presents. You handled the traveling and the busy schedule like a trooper. Santa Claus came to see you too! You got a few outfits, a book, fun stocking stuffers and even a musical-crib-light-up-thingy. You loved it all!

(You had this shocked look on your face for most of the holidays.)

Around Christmas time, you decided that you like television. This has been AWESOME for me trying to get ready in the mornings. After your morning bottle, you watch Little Einsteins and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. You kick and wave your hands and talk to the characters like they are your best friends. Last weekend, Daddy thought that you were not paying attention and he changed the channel. I thought that WW III was going to break out. How dare he turn the channel away from Micky Mouse Clubhouse!?!?

(You really enjoyed the Casper Christmas Special.)
You started making all sorts of new noises this month, but there is one that is your father’s favorite. It is a deep throaty "ooh, ooh, ooh". I think you sound like a monkey, but Daddy pegged it when he said you sound like Forrest Gump. Daddy will say, "Boy, your momma sure does care about your schooling." or "You don't say much. Do you, boy?" and then you will start the "ooh, ooh, ooh" and everyone dies laughing. You think it is pretty funny too! Your giggle is infectious.

You are starting to pull everything into your mouth to chew. This would be okay, but you want to fit the entire object into your mouth. Like both of your fists or my whole shoulder. Or the entire exersaucer. You get really mad when you try to fit the whole pacifier in your mouth and it gets stuck. I am surprised that your fingers are not continuously shriveled…….and poor Mortimer The Moose, it looks like you are French kissing him all the time.

For the past week you have been so sick. You have had a stuffy nose and a low grade fever. Your poor little cry breaks my heart. It isn’t really a cry, but more of an “I don’t feel good” whine. Kind of like the sound that your Daddy makes all the time. All you wanted to do this weekend was snuggle and cuddle and sleep. I was not complaining! I love your cuddles.

Even when you are sick, Daddy and I have a continuing conversation about what a GREAT baby you are. You only cry when you are wet, hungry or really tired. You like to play by yourself. You fall asleep in the crib by yourself and you sleep through the night. You play and talk in the mornings until someone comes to get you. Other than changing your own diapers, you are a perfect baby!

I love it that you are getting into the fun baby stage. You do something new everyday! It is so much fun seeing your personality start to shine. You light up my life and I am thankful for you every day!

Happy New Year! 2009 is going to be so much fun!

I Love You!


Rachel Baby said...

Wow! 4 months old! I can't believe it! He's so cute! :) I'm so happy for you both!

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to believe that one year ago we were at Tobi Lee's and everyone had drink except you. Wow I have been reading your blog and looking at EC's pics and he is changing so fast.

Bloomer said...

I need to come see him.
Oh and I have a personal blog. go look!!

kbreints said...

Such a fun age-- enjoy!