Dec 4, 2008

Larry The Lurker

This is EC’s Great-Uncle Larry. He is a lurker.

I say that with love.

I love that he checks the blog and he says something about it every time that I see him. But he never comments on the blog itself……which makes him a lurker. I have LOTS of lurkers. People tell me all the time that they frequently get on the blog, but it seems that the same people comment all the time.

So, if YOU are a lurker, here is your chance to de-lurk. Please leave a comment, even if it something like “Your blog stinks!”

Who is out there????

(BTW – You can comment if you don’t have a Blogger account. Simply use the anonymous option, but remember to put your name in the comment, so I can see who you are!)


Bloomer said...

i am not a lurker. :(

ShortyMom said...

I'm not a lurker either...I have the same problem you do!

Terra Weber said...

You might consider me a lurker, but I have made a comment before. I really enjoy your blog, you are really good at it.
EC is an absolute doll!!! I bet you are a GREAT mommy!

Ladybird said...

Shortymom - I feel your pain!

Terra - I miss you guys! It feels odd not seeing you, since we spent so much time together last December. I bet you are enjoying decorating that new house for Christmas!

Bloomer - You could never be a lurker...can't wait for you to start that blog!

Mr. Wallace said...

I'm a lurker but I don't even have time to update my account. I just have time to check yours! Love the pics of Aunt La and Me! <3

Anonymous said...

I guess I better leave a comment, since I have been caught. You do such a good job with the blog. Keep sending us pictures of E. C. He is a cutie.

Uncle Larry "the luker"

Brad Ruggles said...

Umm, I just found your blog for the first time but I've never commented until now. What does that make me?

ShortyMom said...

Being a "new" blogger stinks! Where's all the people;)...You got more responses than I get on a who's out there post:P. Hope it starts looking up on here for ya!

Anonymous said...

yes, I'll admit it - I'm a lurker! But I love checking the blog - especially since EC has arrived - I can see him ALL THE TIME now!! Love you guys - can't wait to see EC at Christmas!