Dec 15, 2008

On The Good List

Great-Aunt Betty bought EC tickets to see Santa Claus this weekend......and he had a blast! I highly recommend if you are in the Dickson area, that you go to Breakfast With Santa next year. There were all sorts of fun activities for kids.........and SANTA WAS THERE!!! You should have heard the screams when he entered the room.
Breakfast With Santa is sponsered by the Dickson Women's Club and all of the proceeds go to the Imagination Library for Dickson County. The Imagination Library is a really cool program that was started by Dolly Parton. Every child in Tennessee gets one age-appropriate book per month mailed to their house until the age of five! EC hasn't gotten his first book yet, but he can't wait!!!
Thank you Aunt Betty! We had so much fun!

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Jessica said...

Gotta love the photos when they are sobbing with Santa : ) He is so cute and looks EXACTLY like you!

For some reason, my feed reader is not picking up your site... gotta check on that!

Y'all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!