Dec 16, 2008

Month Three

Dear EC,

Yesterday, you turned three months old. I know! It is so hard to believe! I can’t believe that I have kept you alive this long. I am sure that some of my friends have a pool going and whoever bet on 3 months just lost a great deal of money.

This month has been my favorite so far. I am sure that I will say that every month, but this month you have changed so much.

You have grown by leaps and bounds! When I weighed you last week, you were sixteen pounds. Holy guacamole! You were only 13 lbs 13 ozs at your two-month checkup. I am really working out my biceps carrying you and the car seat. You have outgrown so many of your clothes…..some you didn’t even get to wear. Your double chin seems to get larger every day and everyone loves your chubby cheeks. I am sure that if I stopped feeding you, you could sustain on the fat in your cheeks for at least four weeks.

This is the month that you really started smiling. At first it was just little smiles that lasted a few seconds. Now, you smile with your whole body. Your face glows and you shrug your little shoulders. You REALLY smile when someone asks, “Are you a good boy?” Sometimes the smile is accompanied by a small giggle that gurgles in your throat. It makes me laugh……which makes you smile more.

You smile and talk the most on your changing table. We call it your “happy place”. When you were born, you hated being changed. You screamed when we took you out of warm, spit-up laden, poop-soiled clothes to put you in a new fresh clean outfit. Why were we doing that to you???? Why? Why? Now, you would be naked all day long. You would lie on the changing table until you had to start kindergarten if I would let you. Believe me, there are some times that I wish I could build a little fence around the top. I would leave you there for hours. Anything to make you happy!

You got a letter from the North Pole this week. It was signed from Santa and had a sticker stating that you were on his good list. It also had a really cute little book about Mortimer the Magic Moose. Grammy and Granddaddy went to North Pole, Alaska, on their vacation before you were born. They got to meet Santa and told him that you would be arriving in September, so I am sure that is how he knew to write you a letter…..since you haven’t completely figured out how to use your opposable thumbs yet.

Speaking of thumbs, in the past week you have started reaching for things. One of the first things that you grabbed was a rattle…..then you pulled it back and popped yourself right in the nose with it. You were screaming and there was a little blood, but I was so excited that you grabbed something that I was giddy!

Last night, you slept through the night again for the second night in a row. From 8 o’clock until 6 o’clock! This happens randomly and, although I love this, it makes me a nervous wreck. Just because you sleep through the night, doesn’t mean that I do. I get up at least once to check on you. You have a pretty good bedtime routine and by the end of your lengthy bath with daddy and bottle with mommy, you are a rag doll that seems to weigh 50 pounds. I can leave you in the bed, eyes wide open, and after I turn off the light, you are snoring in three minutes.

Your father and I love you more than you know!
Merry Christmas Sugar Plum!

I love you,


Anonymous said...

This made me cry! Merry Christmas to you all! He's a cutie pie! ~Tara

Mary B said...

What great stories! I look forward to reading these each month. He will be so blessed to have these stories to read when he gets older.

Ladybird said...

@MaryB I must admit, that I stole the idea from Dooce. I love her letters to Leta. You should do this with Juniorita! I am sure that he/she would love it!

Heather said...

I have been writing letters to Aiden since he was in my belly lol. My hope is that one day, when I am gone, he will know just how much I loved him and how happy he makes me.

Thanks for reading my blog :) Tell your brother that I am needing his address lol, reunion stuff. AND do you make instant pudding w/soy milk? How does it turn out? You have a beautiful son. Before you know it, he will be telling you all kinds of stuff and actually saying,"I love mommy!" and it will melt your heart. Hold him tight, they grow so fast. Having kids makes you realize just how fast time goes by!

Heather :)

ShortyMom said...

He's getting too big too fast! He'll be sitting up before you know it.

Roxy said...

Thanks for visting my blog....congrats on your little one...he's a cutie!
Cherish this goes so quickly! Happy holidays,Roxy

debbieinnashville said...

Pretty soon he will sleep trough the night every night. Enjoy it because soon he will be coming to your bed in the middle of the night and wanting to sleep with you.

Anonymous said...

Come home soon!

I have a lump in my throat.

Love Yall.