Dec 3, 2007

Small World

While flipping though the television channels tonight, something caught my eye….Paducah.

Little People, Big World is a reality show about the Roloff family on the Discovery Channel. Matt and Amy Roloff are little people. The show revolves around their lives and the lives of their four children, three of which are of average height.

The episode that caught my attention was about a family trip to Paducah, Kentucky. Matt was asked to give a speech in Paducah and two of the kids, Zach and Molly, tag along to look at some of the civil war history in the area. The episode is packed with wonderful shots of downtown Paducah. The family's trip involves visits to the Tilghman House Museum, Whitehaven, Markethouse Museum, and Museum of the American Quilter's Society. They even go to a local civil war reenactment.

After Matt gives his presentation at the Luther F. Carson Center (where my parents volunteer), the family goes to a cookout in Bob Noble Park and has fried Oreos and Twinkies. (Although I am from the area, I have not tried these delicacies.) At the park, they talk with the owners of Dippin’Dots, which is a very unique brand of ice-cream that was created and still made entirely in Paducah. (This is where my dad would take his school kids on field trips….for obvious reasons.)

The episode reruns on December 16th at 7:00pm. I would love for you to watch. It will give you a chance to see where I am from, get glimpse of the beauty of downtown Paducah and hopefully entice you to make a trip yourself. It is a beautiful area steeped in civil war, you could have a bowl of Dippin’Dots.


ShortyMom said...

Even though I've lived her most of my life, I've not seen everything that Paducah has to offer. I've never been to the quilt musuem, though I'd love to go, and just went last year to the Carson Center for a concert that I was "required" to see by my music professor. The kids have each been 3 or 4 times. I'm not going to be able to catch the show but it's nice to hear that we're known on the map!

Molly said...

I had that same experience - flipping channels and seeing Paducah flash across the screen. Alex and I got a kick out of seeing Paducah from 900 miles away.