Oct 3, 2007

Hump Day Blues

I usually try to keep my blog posts upbeat……funny, happy things. But this week has just been awful…….and it is only Wednesday! Here is a small recap of what has happened in the past two days:

Julie, my college roommate, sent an email on Monday that stated that Austin had passed away. Austin was a brindle bulldog that she had brought home from the vet clinic when she and I lived together. He was only one day old, he was the runt of the litter and his mother had pushed him aside. He was a wonderful dog…….I am heartbroken.

In other heartbreaking news, Jake got sprayed by a skunk again.

There are only so many times that you can answer the same darn question before you loose your mind.

I despise people that lie or do not admit any kind of fault.

I am a budgeter. I know where every penny goes. I hate unexpected expenses.

I currently have a pimple that has its own heartbeat.

I hate daylight savings time……HATE IT! It totally messes up my internal clock…..I am already dreading the end of the month.

It is not MY problem that YOU waited until the last minute.

Some lawyers are just assholes. Sorry, there is just no other way to put it.

My yard sale is this weekend. I am ready to get this junk…….umm, I mean treasure…… out of my house.

I have about three or four phone calls to return and I don't feel like talking to anyone. Sorry, I am going to be an awful friend this week.

Kyle is filling in for a drummer that broke his leg. One of the stipulations of him filling in with this band was that he could not play on December 8th, because that is the date of my brother's wedding. The band leader called last night to tell me that he had signed a contract on a gig…….guess what the gig date is……the band leader forgot. All I have to say is, the band leader better find another drummer……..I feel no guilt for his memory loss.

Some say that Wednesday is "hump day." I sure hope that I can get over the hump and have a better end-of-week! I hope that your week is going better than mine!

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