Aug 21, 2008

Sawing Logs

One of the things that I did not know about pregnancy is that it really messes up your sinuses. It amazes me that an itty-bitty baby that could give you a daily nose bleed.

Also, I might have mentioned before that I am not the quietest of sleepers. I snored, but I didn’t think that I snored THAT loud. With gaining 30+ pounds and Babybird messing with my sinus cavity, apparently things have gotten worse.

To put it lightly, Birddog says that I snore like a hibernating grizzly bear.

I believe him because my snoring has even woken me up in the past few weeks. On top of that, Birddog is a drummer and has lost some of his hearing, so I have to be snoring at 400 million decibles for him to hear me in the first place!

In my defense, I haven’t been sleeping well. I have to make the multiple prego bathroom trips and then it is so hard getting comfortable in order to fall asleep. So when I do sleep, I REALLY sleep hard. Hence the snoring. Hence the husband’s frustration.

Birddog knows how hard it is for me to get comfortable and fall asleep, but my snoring keeps him awake too. So he wakes me up to tell me that I am snoring, so that he can fall asleep. Hello? I was finally asleep! (I guess that it is kind of like waking a grizzly bear.)

So I did what every loving wife would do to save her marriage ……..I got him these:

Enjoy those earplugs while you can, sweetie! In a couple of weeks, you will hear me snoring and Babybird crying!


Jenni Catron said...

Totally unrelated to your snoring... :)
I just wanted to say "thank you" for sharing your story as a part of volunteer celebration last night. Truly inspiring!

Anonymous said...

It does get better...I promise! Just a little longer!