Aug 14, 2008

My New Boyfriend

I mentioned a while back that Birddog’s 20 year high school reunion is coming up. He and several of his classmates have been getting back in touch through a website. One of the people that he has been talking with is Kim. Kim and her husband Brandon were sweet enough to come over to the house yesterday afternoon and bring us a baby gift…….even though they haven’t seen Birddog in years!

They also brought their son, Owen, who I think has a crush on me. He blatantly flirted right in front of Birddog! I totally have a new boyfriend!

Kim, Brandon and Owen – Thank you so much for the gift and we look forward to getting together soon!


Anonymous said...

What sweet words wrote about us!
I hope the bath tub comes in handy, I bet when the baby is able you will have in the kitchen sink! ( no bath tub required) LOL! No kidding, much easier on the back. You guys are great! and Emory is going to blessed having such wonderful parents!
BTW I love your sense of humor! My brother (bless his heart) he is full of it!

Kimberly Giles
P.S. this is the 2nd time I have made a comment ...
I forgot to post the WORD VERIFICATION!!! DUH HUH

Anonymous said...

oh can you give me the website name??? so i can found out about the reunion??

cant wait to see yall