Oct 30, 2009

Itty Bitty Photos Of EC

When EC's first birthday rolled around, I knew that I needed to get some good pictures made. I am a huge fan of Itty Bitty Bits Of Me's photography. Jessica has been a life long friend and she and her husband Billy have grown into awesome photographers! It helps when you have gorgeous daughters to take pictures of too!

So, when I asked Jessica if she would snap a few shots of EC, she jumped at the chance. It was wonderful to meet their daughters, Maddy and Claire, and to spend some time with Jessica and Billy.

Click HERE to see some of Jessica's favorite photos.......I am so glad that she could chose some, since ALL of them are my favorites!

1 comment:

Mary B said...

Heather the pictures are just great. I like the pictures that aren't the typical studio sit down type.