Aug 4, 2009

Silent Link

I used to be a blogger. Did you know that?

I used to write interesting stories about the happenings in my life. I sometimes even wrote about the uninteresting things. Somewhere along the way, I stopped. This blog became a picture blog. A new little life filled my days to the point that I don’t want to sit in front of a computer at home. Not that it is a bad thing, but I do miss writing sometimes.

I was prodded by a friend to start blogging. I started on my MySpace page first. That way, I could limit the people who actually had access to my writings. Not that I cared who read it, but I was just unsure about putting too much information on the internet. I needed to find my footing.

Then another friend, my boss actually, pushed me to go “public” with my writings. To push the envelope, jump over the edge.

I jumped. I am glad that I did. I have met so many interesting people, made new friends and have kept in touch with friends from long ago. Plus, it is so nice that my family can see EC grow and not feel so distant.

I am glad that I blog.

My boss, my friend, that prodded me off the edge into the blogosphere, he passed away several months ago. His wife said it most gracefully by writing that “There was no illness or accident, just a choice he made for himself.”

I think about him every time that I look at my blog. The link to his blog sits silently still on the sidebar. It breaks my heart.

Thank you, Todd, for pushing me off my ledge.
You are sorely missed.

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